Digital Strategy

Digital strategy in a modern age

The old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ still holds true in this digital age. Communication channels are different these days – and change rapidly. However, what remains constant is the fundamentals of marketing: clever concepts and targeted messaging. We deliver these through the right channels to engage, interest and captivate.

Our Brand Strategy 360° process includes evaluating the target audience and the landscape. We’re looking for ways to gain customers, boost awareness, increase market penetration and ultimately, increase sales.

Audience Profiling

Creating a customer profile is more than just demographics. Essentially, the difficulty for many marketers is the diversity of their audience – not one profile fits the bill. Many businesses have a variety of audiences they want to reach, so we take insights from statistical data, demographics and both qualitative and quantitative research. We then build a profile of your audiences that helps us understand their motivations, beliefs, challenges and pain points. Everyone wants to feel understood – only by taking the time to appreciate your audience can we truly reach and engage with them.

Integrated Campaigns

These days, marketers are spoiled for choice when it comes to marketing channels. Invest in SEO to get more website visitors via organic search? What about a Facebook advertising campaign? Do we need AdWords? A newsletter? Which will get the best ROI?

The options can be overwhelming. We create integrated campaigns that use the best marketing channels to maximise your brand’s exposure, impact and awareness. Using one method alone is pointless, so our campaigns harness the power of multi-channel marketing. We have the experience to make sure it’s not repetitive. What we do is use the best of each channel to achieve your marketing and communications objectives.

Data & Analytics

Don’t drown in a sea of data! Data empowers businesses to make decisions based on cold hard numbers. Gut instinct is no basis for an effective campaign. We take insights from all your channels,. Then, we look at Google Analytics to really crunch the numbers. We want to understand your strengths and weaknesses. All channels of communication is a form of data to us. So, we analyse everything from incoming phone calls, social media page engagement, email inquiries, event attendance, customer surveys – anything and everything. We need to understand what your customers are feeling and thinking. This will help us shape the right marketing campaign – one that is effective, memorable and most importantly – works.

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