Blog: How to get your products into Christmas gift guides

How to get your products into Christmas gift guides

Posted on: Nov 7 2016

There’s only a few short weeks until Christmas! And for many brands, Christmas is the most important retail period of the year.

christmas gift guides

Have you ever flicked through your favourite magazine, blogger or newspaper’s Christmas gift guide and wished “Why isn’t my product in there?”

It’s very unlikely that media will come to you begging to feature your product – you have to get their attention! Here’s our tips to help you get your Christmas gifts noticed by the right influencers for some valuable Christmas publicity.

Christmas gift guide tip #1: photography

Media and bloggers are looking for stunning, top quality product photography for your Christmas products. This means high resolution, deep etched images (on a plain white background) as well as in-situ images (in a scenario, like a flat lay or a plant in a garden or a framed print on a shelf)

Giving your influencers plenty of photography to choose from is a great way to stand out from other brands.

Christmas gift guide tip #2: get in early

Media – especially print media – lock this stuff in really early – so it’s important to contact them well in advance. (It will be too late for many monthly and weekly magazines by now, but you will know for next year.)

Christmas gift guide tip #3: be prepared to pay

Magazines and newspapers often require an advertising investment for brands wanting to feature in Christmas gift guides. So approach the advertising team and see if a deal can be arranged.

Christmas gift guide tip #4: research the media

It’s important to understand each publication, blogger or journalist you are wanting to reach. There is nothing more annoying than putting together a gift guide for kids, and being sent power tools or fancy glassware.  Those gifts are great, but not right for the audience. Don’t send out mass emails – tailor each approach and pitch according to their readers’ interests.

Christmas gift guide #5: tailor your pitch

Approach each journalist with a well thought out offer, one which appeals to their readers.  Use their medium of choice, whether that be post, email, Instagram or Twitter – get creative about how you reach them and give them a great offer for a product they can’t find elsewhere

Christmas gift guide tip #6: prize promotions

Media love to give prizes to readers. So you could donate products as a prize, and the investment will be well worth it for valuable brand exposure. So check if your desired publication runs competitions and giveaways, and make them a great offer.

Christmas gift guide tip #7: get social

Follow your favourite magazines on twitter, Instagram and Facebook and engage! Comment, share their content, and generally be their biggest fan. This way, when you make your approach, you are known to them. It’s important to stand out from the clutter of hundreds of other requests so get your foot in the door by getting to know each journalist, blogger and publication as much as possible. Use business Facebook groups and PR subscription services like SourceBottle to get notifications of influencers looking for products for Christmas gift guides – they often post shout-outs looking for products.

Christmas gift guide tip #8: stock up and convert

If you are lucky enough to be featured it’s vital to ensure you have plenty of stock in hand. Many brands have failed to capitalise on gift guide publicity by quickly selling out of stock. So be prepared to convert as many clicks or enquiries as possible, to make that publicity really work for you – get more likes on your social media sites, newsletter subscribers or footfall into your stores and make the experience memorable so that one query turns into a repeat customer.

Good luck and happy pitching!

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