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No other communications channel can speak directly between a brand and a consumer like email. Many brands neglect email to focus on the more glamorous world of social media. But it is a medium that isn’t vulnerable to the fluctuations of a changing algorithm or latest social media fad.  With email, you control the entire communication process, from content, time, exposure and responses.

A strong email list is an excellent brand asset that can increase awareness, drive sales and boost loyalty. Our integrated eDM campaigns include:

  • List building. Because a great eDM campaign is nothing if no one is reading!
  • Golden content. We’re talking about content that is irresistible to maintain interest and minimise unsubscribes.
  • Distribution and timing. Because it’s important to find the right balance. Not too many, not too few.
  • Clickable content. It’s gold, because it compels users to click through to your true brand asset, your website.
  • List segmentation. This allows you to communicate with different people on your list.
  • Data analysis. So we know who’s clicking what, what people like (and what they don’t)
  • Promotion. Getting your newsletter out to the world is essential.

A great email campaign incorporates beautiful design, compelling content, a well-targeted media list, the right coding and impeccable timing. Our experts create captivating emails that will connect with consumers and drive your business towards reaching its objectives.

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