Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses all forms of paid internet marketing.  This includes Google AdWords and paid social media campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

Our clients fall into two camps with SEM:

  1. They’ve tried Google AdWords, or Facebook paid advertising  and been disappointed with the result
  2. They’ve never tried it as they’re unsure where to begin or whether it’s right for them, and they’re afraid of wasting their investment

Perhaps you’ve tried SEM and been burned. Perhaps you’re afraid of wasting your hard earned investment. Maybe it’s just all too hard? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Search engine marketing is a fabulous tactic that can really boost your campaign results – if it’s done right. Our experts can create tailored and strategic SEM campaigns. We use a variety of mediums for the best success for your business.

Google AdWords Campaigns for SEM

Google AdWords is also called pay-per-click because advertisers only pay when customers click on the link to the website.

Because our experts know how to create the right campaign, we can get significant increases in traffic to your website. And we don’t want just anyone visiting your site. We will tailor the campaign using data and analytics to ensure the people clicking through to your site are truly relevant to your business.

Essentially, it takes time and effort for you to reach page one of Google organically. That is, using SEO to get there.  But with an AdWords campaign, you can appear on page one of Google for your desired keywords immediately! Nice.

Our AdWords campaigns include:

  • identifying the right keywords, so your business can be found by people searching
  • classifying customers, so that the right audiences are reached
  • writing compelling and clickable ad content, because that’s what boosts clicks
  • adding links and calls to action, so that your site stands out amongst other advertisers

No matter your industry, your market or your budget, you deserve a Google AdWords campaign that truly works. Especially for you.

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